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The Growth Executive is a Systems Integrator Who Drives Transformation, Innovation, and High Growth

Hi, I'm James Martin

I am a growth strategist working for you to implement systems and processes to scale operations and sales.

A trusted coaching professional and fractional executive focused on critical systems and processes that drive revenue. A key player in elevating and scaling businesses as a member of the team; delivering coaching and c-suite services to champion collaboration and consistency across all operational areas.

I have built for scale and exited multiple companies, and I help implement systems/processes, enter new markets, and develop new business using a playbook developed over my two decades of experience.


Coaching & Fractional Executive Services

How confident are you in your sales forecast and how satisfied are you with your conversion metrics?

I will triage and diagnose critical issues that impact success or failure; recommend solutions for engaging and developing customers, create and manage new systems and processes, and coach teams in scaling operations.

Hire me to coach and project manage your team's implementation or as a professional implementor and I'll do it for you.

About the Process

Professional Systems and Process Implementation

Tell me your top three priorities, and we'll work through a checklist to identify critical areas to support growth. Depending on your needs, I will share my process playbook, and we'll systematically implement the systems and solutions needed to take you and your business to the next level.

I offer two options:

Subscribe to a monthly service and I'll deliver a process each month, working with a member of your team to coach and project manage its successful implementation - this will be the cheapest leadership hire you'll ever make!  Or hire me as a fractional implementer/operator and I will do the work for you.

Here is a sample of some processes I am implementing with a client.


I have a great amount of respect for James’ leadership. He is wise, driven, and organized. The man knows mission and metrics.

David C. – Executive Director Coast Care Partners

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