Align Marketing, Sales, and Operations to Grow Revenue

Most Founders and CEOs struggle to build and execute plans with their teams. That's because behind every good visionary is someone who can help distill that vision into a strategic plan and run.

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Hi, I'm James Martin

I am a growth strategist working for you to implement systems and processes to scale marketing, sales, and operations.

As a trusted coaching professional and fractional executive, I focus on critical systems and processes that drive revenue and profit.


I work to elevate and scale businesses, delivering coaching and c-suite services to champion collaboration and consistency across all operational areas.

The result is confidence in your pipeline and traction in execution.


What best describes you?

Tell me about your journey


Your business has grown, but not fast enough. It feels like you’re stuck in the mud - you’re working harder and harder, but profits and sales stay about the same.


You've got a great team, and you know you need to get the right people in the right seats, but you've been too busy navigating the road ahead to evaluate what or even who is missing.


You have liftoff, and now you need an experienced full-time COO or CRO. The trouble is you can't afford one just yet. You need someone to help you navigate this rocketship -- Now! 

How I help

I coach and support teams to drive revenue

I know what it is like to have the entire mission depend on our ability to drive revenue and reinvest profits while working harder and harder and getting nowhere. That is why I have made it my life's mission to develop the people, processes, and products that drive results. 

growth plan

Not sure where to begin? Let me know your top three priorities, and we'll work through a checklist to identify critical areas to support growth. I'll then go to work mapping out a simple process and building an action plan. If you want my help beyond that, we'll discuss and identify clear objectives.



My consulting playbook is now available in video format with mini-courses to help your team take actionable steps towards success. Each month, they will receive a new section, along with the coaching and support needed to apply the strategies and tactics at their own pace.


Your business is growing, but you are hitting the ceiling. Hire me as a fractional integrator (outsourced COO). I will step into your business, work alongside your team as a player-coach, and support them in taking your sales, marketing, and operations to the next level.

Next steps

Three simple steps to move forward

Step 1

Schedule a discovery call. We'll spend some time discussing your goals and challenges. I'll coach you through a few of the most common obstacles I see.

Step 2

I'll send you a simple one-page proposal and plan. With a clear path forward, we'll schedule a coaching session with you and/or your team.

Step 3

We'll work through a proven process to uncover potential growth opportunities. If you love the direction, pay the invoice -- we are off to the races.*

*If, after this introductory session, we're not clear on a plan or you're not convinced I can help, we'll part as friends, and you'll pay nothing.


I have a great amount of respect for James’ leadership. He is wise, driven, and organized. The man knows mission and metrics.

David C. – Executive Director Coast Care Partners

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